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Smoked Vegan barbecue made in Puerto Rico. La Veganiceria is the only vegan butcher shop, based on plants and vegetables, grown here on our Island.


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Who Are We?

Vegan Smoke Brisket

All of our products are fresh and elaborate; They are prepared locally and thus we support our agriculture and develop our economy.

Our products are vacuum sealed, and packed to keep in all of the freshness of the meats to make sure that your product arrives as fresh as possible to your home.

Vegan Roast Beef

We use all parts of the plant to produce our products.

We offer workshops on how to prepare vegan meats.

Learn to cook the different parts of the plant and maximize our nutrition.

We will learn to combine the 6 flavors and prepare vegan foods from our garden.

Our primary goal is to expand and create new varieties of foods or alternative proteins that are 100% plant-based and that those plants and vegetables come from our farmers.

100% Plant Based Products

Be one of the first in line for the first Plant-based Veganiceria Boricua, cruelty-free and full of conscience. Join this Health and Wellness revolution.

Local Sustainable Vegetables

Fresh & Healthy

Premium Quality


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Que producto les interesa?

100% Fresh and Organic Premium Quality