Our Workshops

The Health in the kitchen workshops are focused on your needs and the well-being of everyone in your family.

We send you new healthy vegan recipes every month. With live workshops that demonstrate step by step how to prepare a 110% Healthy vegan dish.

Become a vegan, vegetarian and allergy savy chef after attending our cooking classes! Either Organic, Sustainable, biodynamic & fresh, our vegetables are the best.

Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean tasteless or choiceless. We’ll share with you how to plan, organize and present a gourmet meal 100% healthy and real food from scratch, from your garden, for your personal needs or business adventure!

Organic Farming

Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean tasteless and plain. We’ll teach you how to cater delicious organic food for special events!

Local Sustainable Vegetables

Fresh & Healthy

Premium Quality

100% Fresh and Organic Premium Quality